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Meet the Master 

Master Yosvel Perez

He was born and raised in Cuba where he was part of the Cuban National Taekwondo Team for 7 years. Upon coming to the United States, he was a member of the National Selection AAU team for three years. In addition, he has a bachelor's degree in Sports, Physical-Education, and Recreation. 

Yosvel is passionate about giving back to the community the experiences he has received in his thirty-year journey of practicing this beautiful martial art. 

Yosvel retired from the competition being number 31 in the world ranking. here is a brief resume of his history thru his live as an competitor 

  • September 2018 participated Canada Open, Richmond Winning Gold Medal

  • April 2018 participated Germany Open, Hamburg Winning Silver Medal

  • November 2017 participated in Wuxi Taekwondo Championships, China  winning bronze medal

  • October 2017 participated in Canada’s open in Montreal, Canada     winning silver medal

  • October 2017 participated in President’s Coup Pan American region in Las Vegas, Nevada winning bronze medal

  • September 2017 participated in Costar Rica’s open in San Jose, Costar Rica       winning silver  medal

  • October 2016 participated in President’s coup pan American region in Oregon, Nevada         winning silver medal

  • • February 2016 participated in the US Open in Reno, Nevada         winning Bronze

  • 2015 won best competitor honors at the 2015 PATU Championship of TKD clubs Portland, Oregon.

  • June 2014 participated in the Pan American Festival held in Mexico in the city of Puebla winning Gold.

  • April 2014 participated in Qualifier Taekwondo Champion Chip for Vera Cruz Central American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic winning gold medal

  • 2014 won Gold in the 68kg division in the National Championships held in the city of Holguin being the most prominent athlete with 65 points in my favor and only 16 points against.


  • 2012 placed 1st in the National Championships held in Santiago de Cuba as the most outstanding athlete of the year.

  • 2011 participated in an international challenge with the national English team and there beat all 68kg players including the European, then champion (Martin Scamper

  • 2010 placed 1st in the National Games held in the city of Sancti Spirits in the 68kg division as the most outstanding athlete of the event and the most technical. The same year placed 2nd place in the National Olympiad held in the Santiago de Cuba.

  • 2009 placed 3rd in the National Games in the city of Havana and that same year placed 3rd in the Alva games held in the city of Villa Clara.

  • 2008 October promoted to the Cuban National Team.

  • 2007 placed 2nd in the first domestic category of the 67kg division. In the event held in the city of Cienfuegos, the same year went as a guest to the 3rd National Cuban Sports Olympiad held in the city of Pinal Del Rio and placed 5th in the 67kg division.

  • 2006 placed 1st nationally in the juvenile 67kg division in Holguin city.

  • Placed 5th nationally in three consecutive years of competition.

  • 2002 placed 3rd nationally in the city of Villa Clara.

  • 2001 placed first in the 48kg division of the National Games celebrated in the city of Villa Clara.

  • 2000 participated in my first National games placing 6th in the 46kg division in the city of San Jose De Las Lajas in the province of Havana.

  • 1999 started practicing Taekwondo at age 12 in the city of Cienfuegos in Cuba in initial school sports.

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